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Building Permits

Fees associated with building permits are different in every county and city.  Fees are also different for different size buildings.  We do not have a list of permit fees, but you can contact your local planning and inspection department to determine their cost.  A Carolina Structural associate will provide you with the information needed on our buildings to aid you in pulling a permit.  Carolina Structural will pull your permit for you for an additional cost if you do not want to do it yourself.

Site Work

Grass Removal - If you plan on having a concrete slab in your building it is necessary to remove any grass, roots, or any other biodegradable matter from the site before grading.  This is to ensure proper compaction under your slab and will help prevent your slab from cracking.  This work can be done by you, we can recommend a sub-contractor, or we will be glad to give you a price if you prefer a turn key job.

Grading - Prior to placement of concrete the site must be graded level and proper drainage in the surrounding area must be considered.  After the grass has been removed, clean compactable fill material is hauled in and graded.  We recommend using sand, clay, rock or screenings for fill material.  Topsoil is absolutely forbidden under a slab.  Again, you can hire your own grader to do this, or we can provide you with a grading contractor in your area.  We will be glad to calculate the amount of fill material your project will require.

Footers & Post Setting

When site is ready, we will come in and drill 12" x 36"  footers on each eave side of your building.  After footers have been inspected and passed, we set each post in approximately 240 lbs. of concrete (depending on building size). 

Concrete Work

The engineered design of our building allows for a floating slab.  Each post has its own load bearing footer.  This allows each customer the option of placing a concrete slab now, in the future, or not at all.  If a customer prefers a concrete slab then we recommend a 4" thick 3,000 psi, (fibermesh reinforced) slab with a 6" x 8" turn-down around the perimeter.  This turn down is recommended to protect the edge of the slab from frost heave and roots.  The building will still meet code for any wind zone in NC, SC or VA without a slab.  We will be glad to provide you with proper concrete slab details if you want to hire your own concrete contractor to save money.  If you would like a turn key project, we can provide a price for your concrete work.


After posts are set and concrete slab is poured, we will complete the erection of your building.  Approximately 1 -2 days later the garage door (s) will be installed and project will be complete.  Do not be nervous if your neighbors and friends begin to turn green with envy.... it happens!

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