About Us

Building Performance


We use only the best materials for our buildings, if there was something better we would be using it.  Check out the details on the different building materials we use, you'll see what we mean! 

The advantages of our buildings are:

  1. It will not burn
  2. Termites cannot eat it
  3. You do not have to paint it....ever!
  4. It will not blow down
  5. It will not rot
  6. No shingles to replace

  • We are a North Carolina licensed General Contractor
  • We are a Virginia Class A licensed Contractor: #2705119780
  • Our structures are designed by a Professional Engineer in North Carolina


Wind Load

Our structures have a MINIMUM wind rating of 120 miles per hour and go up depending on the wind zone you live in as defined by the North Carolina Code book.  No matter what wind zone you live in, we have engineered designs to meet the wind load requirements.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Snow Load

Our structures meet the snow load requirements for your area.


Sheet Metal for Roof and Walls

19 colors to choose from!


  • 26 or 29 gauge (depending on style) structural quality, full-hard steel
  • 10 layers of protective coating
  • High performance paint system
  • UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact resistance
  • UL 790 Class A fire resistance rating
  • Anti-siphon sidelap design for excellent weather-tightness


  • Standard galvanized coating
  • Lifetime film integrity warranty for roofs and walls
  • 30 year warranty against chalk and fade for walls and roofs



The insulation used in our buildings is a reflective foil insulation.  It consists of 2 layers of trapped air bubbles sandwiched between a white polyethylene backer and 99.9% pure aluminum front.  It outperforms 6" of mass insulation in all climates, but more especially in hot and humid climates.  It is a great condensation, wind and vapor barrier all in one. 

Advantages of our insulation

  1. reduces heat gain
  2. reduces condensation
  3. bird, insect and rodent resistant
  4. washable interior finish
  5. safe to handle, unlike fiberglass insulation (no worries of kids or pets getting into it!)

Performance of our insulation

  • R-Value = 9.7 downward and 4.4 Horizontal
  • Puncture Resistance = 79.71 PSI
  • Reflectivity = 97%
  • Emissivity = 3%Say something interesting about your business here.