Horse Barn Options and Doors

Stall with grill
Sliding door with grill
Interior stall with dutch door
Dutch doors are available for use on our barns.  They are constructed of heavy gauge steel and powder coated for protection against the elements.  These doors consist of two 4' x 4' sections making a 4' x 8' door which can operate separately or as one door.  Dutch doors are available in various colors and the top half can be plexiglass to allow light in.  4' x 4' bale doors are also available. 
Sliding doors are another popular choice for barns.  Single sliders are available from 4'x8' up to 6'x12'.  Double doors are available from 8'x8' up to 12'x12'.  These doors are also available solid and with glass and the color options are the same as our other doors.



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